Melbourne Cup Grazing

Melbourne Cup Grazing

I’ve always wanted to do a grazing plate that stretches the length of the dinner table – and last year’s Melbourne Cup presented the ideal opportunity to give it a go.

Meet Karon McGrath, partner in boutique advertising agency, Tibet Advertising in Chippendale, Sydney.  When Karon commissioned Chairman of the Breadboard to cater a Melbourne Cup lunch for her clients, I suggested a grazing plate as an option – no horsey pun intended!

“Kellee’s suggestion was a good one not only for the horseracing theme but because we wanted to hold the lunch in Tibet’s boardroom which only has one long table,” said Karon. “Apart from looking sumptuous, the grazing plate stretched from one end of the table to the other which meant every guest had easy access to the food.”

That also extends to guests with special dietary needs.  We had three vegetarians in the group and they were all within easy reach of delicious fare. In fact, a grazing plate is the ideal way to cater for many different dietary needs without making a big deal out of it.

Karon certainly let me have my head with the whole grazing plate thing and I’m pleased to say that both of us were thrilled with the result.


“Our guests thought it was an innovative idea for a lunch, very well executed, which really fits Tibet Adverting’s business image,” said Karon.  “I never worried about the food because when you’re using Kellee, you just don’t need to.  The spread was incredible and the lunch, which started just before the big race, kicked on well into the evening. Our clients loved it.”

Seem like my work here is done.

Yours in good food and great events,



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