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Oldies but Goldies

As we roll into another new year I find myself thinking about things I can add to the Chairman of the Breadboard repertoire. ‘New’ dishes are all very well and good – they help zhoosh-up a menu and get the creative juices flowing – but I sometimes think that ‘new’ and ‘innovative’ are overrated. This happens when, as each new year come and then goes, I see some old favourites remaining as popular as ever.

As it happens, I glean a great deal of pleasure from preparing and serving these ‘oldies but goldies’ for reasons that are very close to my heart. And what could be closer to a girl’s heart than her mother, right?

It’ll be no surprise to hear that my mum was an entertainer and homestyle cook of some repute. She left me with volumes of recipe books that I dip into all the time for Chairman of the Breadboard catering. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because Mum was also a chronic over-caterer, a habit I just cannot seem to shake! Some of her best recipes are also the ones I get asked to include on menus for returning customers, such as:

Chicken CanneloniChicken Cannelloni, a creamy elegant main meal dish that’s a joy for me to make and a staple in my repertoire year in and year out. It’s a great way to use leftover BBQ chicken meat and combined with a luscious French mustard, cream & parmesan laced sauce (weight watchers of course!) it is super easy to make and universally enjoyed.



Arancini balls with spicy tomato relishSpicy Tomato Relish is always a smash-hit particularly when served with the Arancini balls. It’s uses can be varied, from the best salsa for Nachos you have ever tasted, to a sensational base for a chicken pasta – just ask my adult nephews who have independently created this dish! Their grandmother would be proud.




Prawn&Mango saladA very Queensland Salad with prawns, mango, macadamias and snow peas.  One of my Sydney-based clients (who’s a Brisbane girl) has served this salad at her Christmas functions three years running.  Must remind her of home.  It certainly reminds me of my dear mum.




Yours in good food and great events,