Our Philosophy

Seafood Basket ConesAt Chairman of the Breadboard we believe memorable, successful events start in the kitchen.  We are unashamedly all about good food, beautifully arranged and seamlessly served, in ambient environments that strike the right chord for your event – whether it’s lunch in the boardroom, a 21st birthday or festive season cocktails.

Founder and head chef, Kellee Douglas, sums it up well…”What I LOVE is having the hosts tell me how easy the event was for them, how they actually enjoyed themselves at their own party because they knew all the details were in our capable hands. That’s a measure of success as far as I’m concerned.

Strangely enough, one of the things that prompted me to start Chairman of the Breadboard was attending a funeral. Before her passing, the mother of a dear friend of mine made her daughter promise to use a caterer for the ‘tea and sympathy’ session in the church hall after the funeral – she didn’t want to burden the old ladies in the church auxiliary with the task. My friend, who lives in another city, googled and booked a local caterer who unfortunately didn’t deliver, nor did they offer any help with hiring tables, urns and crockery.

My poor grieving friend and her sisters had to run around like mad things on the morning of their mother’s funeral, picking up food and party hire stuff, setting up the hall and so on. The food itself was okay but there just wasn’t enough of it to satisfy the many people who attended this popular woman’s send-off. 

I thought it was such a shame for my friend who now added disappointment to her grief. I also knew I could have done better – not just preparing tasteful, beautiful food, but setting up the hall, providing respectful, unobtrusive wait service and arranging the clean-up.  It would have taken a burden from the shoulders of the grieving family, for sure.

Fast forward a couple of years and I can clearly see that providing fantastic food, appropriate to the occasion, is only part of the Chairman of the Breadboard story. I really like seeing people’s eyes light up when they see the food on offer and empty platters coming back into the kitchen at an event.”

market shopping 3Chairman of the Breadboard is a great believer in sourcing the freshest, best quality, seasonal food possible for the events we cater. And we love to get a little creative, allowing the food to speak for itself and underscore the purpose of the occasion – Tasmanian fare for the 60th birthday party of a gentleman born in Tasmania but now living in Brisbane, or cucumber sandwiches and scones for the high tea hen’s party for a blushing English bride. If you’d like to bounce around some ideas for a special event you might be planning you can start Create my Event