Something Special

Whether it’s a themed dinner party for 50 people or a cocktail party ‘with a twist’ for 200, Kellee and the Chairman of the Breadboard team can help you create the special event you have in your mind’s eye.

IMG_0692 (427x640)We recently orchestrated a 60th birthday party with a Tasmanian theme in a very special location – the boardwalk outside the host’s place of residence in Brisbane! All the fare at this event was sourced from Tasmania, right down to the green apple place cards on the table.  The host couldn’t wipe the smile off his face all evening.

And ‘Something Special’ doesn’t always have to be a grand affair. One client, who lived in a different city to her elderly parents, asked us to cater a romantic, in-home meal for their 48th wedding anniversary. We cooked, set the table, served and cleaned up afterwards. It was lovely to see those two people enjoying each other’s company so much after 48 years!




Something Special’ at Chairman of the Breadboard also extends to catering for picnics – anything from romantic two-person affairs to larger-scale family reunions outdoors.





Gift Baskets A gift basket of wholesome, seasonal food is a great way to show a special someone that you care. Chairman of the Breadboard can create thoughtful and beautiful gift baskets for any occasion – birthdays, Christmas and even ‘get well soon’.